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Neon Tiger 

A new musical love story set to the beat of Bangkok 
Role: Production and Costume Designer 

A Laboite Theatre Production in association with Brisbane Powerhouse

  • Co-created by Julia-Rose Lewis, Gillian Cosgriff & Kat Henry

  • Director Kat Henry

  • Cast includes Courtney Stewart, Lisa Hanley

  • Sound: Guy Webster

  • Composed by: Gillian Cosgriff

  • Lighting designer: Andrew Meadows


“The set design by Sarah Winter is an impressive piece of art. It transforms the roundhouse stage into the streets and tourist traps of Bangkok. Multi-tiered levels give the actors plenty to play with and explore. The abugida-painted steps juxtaposed against western-style graffiti, a moat of marigold garlands, telegraph poles and wires, strung with fairy lights all combine to create a recognisable representation of the city”

- Stage Whispers

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