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A radical feminist retelling of the Euripides text 
Role: Production Designer 

A Laboite Theatre Production (2015)

Nominated for a Matilda Award for Best Design for Theatre 

  • Playwright: Euripides - new adaptation by Suzie Miller

  • Director Todd MacDonald

  • Cast includes Helen Christinson, Christen O'Leary, Damien Cassidy, Simon Carl, Connor D'Netto, Annika Hinrichs, Yasmin Powell 

  • Sound: Gordon Hamilton 

  • Costume Designer: Nathalie Ryner

  • Lighting designer: Ben Hughes


However no review of La Boite’s Medea would be complete without mentioning the visual magnificence of Sarah Winter’s design. A ring of wax and melted candles circles the stage – perhaps a nod to Medea’s reputation as a witch – and a grand candelabra rises up from centre stage, an image as strong and powerful as Medea herself. The infinite nooks and crannies, which reveal themselves throughout the play, create a sense of mystery and magic as Medea goes through her ritual preparation of herbs and potions. The candles themselves are built into the lighting design and become an essential part of the aesthetic atmosphere. La Boite’s space has also been transformed here, with the round stage expanding out into the aisles to create interesting new platforms and performance spaces.

- Arts Hub

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